Town Government

As a town department, our goal is to keep the public informed about what is going on in  Hull. In addition to written announcements, we provide extensive coverage of Town boards & committees so that residents can see and hear for themselves what's going on  with their local government.


The Education Station is the place to go for live coverage of School Committee meetings. The bulletin board is an easy way to keep informed about upcoming School
events. Pirate TV also provides extensive coverage of many Hull High sports -- enabling friends, parents and grandparents to follow the teams even when they are unable to attend the games.

Local Access

Public access television provides everyone the opportunity to put ideas into action and reach out to their community. Hull TV is free and open to all Hull residents. Television is a team sport and there are many roles you can play. Share your interests with your friends and neighbors and learn about your town at the same time.


Hull Community Television


The Education Station

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Video on demand

Never have to worry about missing a show again with Video on Demand. Search our library of HullTV and PirateTV shows and watch them on your own schedule.

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